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Drummond Island Trail Report 


  • Trail Condition:    Poor
  • Last Groomed:     March 5, 2016
  • Base:                    1"
  • Past 24hr:            0"
  • Reported On:       March 10, 2016

Groomer Report

With the warm temps (above freezing even at night) and rain our trails have really taken a hit. Our trails now have bare spots, mud, sand and rocks and more rocks. Warm weather is is the forecast until next Thursday so I dont expect it to improve.  I guess we will see you next year. 
Thank you you for your support this season and pray for a better season next year!

There is logging going on trail 493  from the plains for 8 miles heading towards the east. Please watch for log trucks. There several log trucks going in and out daily! 


* Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow 


Note: it only takes 10 mins for hypothermia to set in once your feet get wet and you are a long ways out there!


If you would like to go to the Michigan Snowmobile Association to view a groomer report, click on this link-  MSA Groomers report for Drummond Island


Link to the Drummond Island Mi Snow Gauge Report page on facebook:



Note from satisfied snowmobiler:


Hello Drummond Island,
Just wanted to take a minute to voice my opinion.
I've been a snowmobiler here in Michigan for over 30 years.
I average over 2000 miles per year on the Michigan trail system from Copper Harbor to
Sault Ste. Marie. I was a little confused when reading your current trail conditions.
I spent 7 days on the island from 12/25/2013 to 1/1/2014. We rode a total of 425 miles
with 5 days spent on the trails. In my opinion the trails were great! There are NO water holes.
No where! There might be a 6" small puddle, but there are NO water holes. We rode every single
trail on the island and most more than 5 times. Everything was fantastic. The one trail some might want to avoid is the 496 trail. This section was un groomed with significant deep powder. We loved it. Not a mark on the trail until we passed on 12/26. Now that we broke ground it's most likely easier to ride. I really don't think you are giving yourselves the credit that's due. No traffic, smooth groomed trails, beautiful scenery & great people on the island. Tons of deer, partridge, wood peckers, (2) wolves & a rabbit made for great viewing!
We will be back soon, it's been 7 years since our last visit, which was way to long to stay away. Thank you for a great holiday week!
Best Regards,
Ada, Michigan




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  Drummond Island Snowmobile Trail Map


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