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Drummond Island Trail Report 


  • Trail Condition:    fair
  • Last Groomed:     February 6, 2016
  • Base:                    4"
  • Past 24hr:            2"
  • Reported On:       February 7, 2016

Groomer Report

Our trails condition depend on which trail you are on 

The West End:  2/7/16

This End of the Island is decent condition . He is staying on top of the water holes and most of the rocks have been covered. It still could use a few more inches of snow on this end but over all it is in fair to good condition. Canoe bay Area on the south end of the Island the snow gets thin.

The East End:  2/7/16

The water holes are getting WORSE the groomer is still breaking through them.  You can NOT get around most water holes. Then the Plains area has about 8 miles of road that is solid  ice with very little snow to give lubrication for you sled.  You can do the  Marblehead loop trail 496 just dont go north of Glen Cove on trail 493 towards the Maxton Plains. There is less snow on this end of the Island so the snow on trail this end is much thinner.

There is logging going on trail 493  from the plains for 8 miles heading towards the east. Please watch for log trucks! This area is posted with Logging signs.

Our trail base is any where from 2-4 inches depending on the area with a little less than  foot of snow on the ground.


* Let it Snow * Let it Snow * Let it Snow 


Note: it only takes 10 mins for hypothermia to set in once your feet get wet and you are a long ways out there!


If you would like to go to the Michigan Snowmobile Association to view a groomer report, click on this link-  MSA Groomers report for Drummond Island


Link to the Drummond Island Mi Snow Gauge Report page on facebook:


Note from satisfied snowmobiler:


Hello Drummond Island,
Just wanted to take a minute to voice my opinion.
I've been a snowmobiler here in Michigan for over 30 years.
I average over 2000 miles per year on the Michigan trail system from Copper Harbor to
Sault Ste. Marie. I was a little confused when reading your current trail conditions.
I spent 7 days on the island from 12/25/2013 to 1/1/2014. We rode a total of 425 miles
with 5 days spent on the trails. In my opinion the trails were great! There are NO water holes.
No where! There might be a 6" small puddle, but there are NO water holes. We rode every single
trail on the island and most more than 5 times. Everything was fantastic. The one trail some might want to avoid is the 496 trail. This section was un groomed with significant deep powder. We loved it. Not a mark on the trail until we passed on 12/26. Now that we broke ground it's most likely easier to ride. I really don't think you are giving yourselves the credit that's due. No traffic, smooth groomed trails, beautiful scenery & great people on the island. Tons of deer, partridge, wood peckers, (2) wolves & a rabbit made for great viewing!
We will be back soon, it's been 7 years since our last visit, which was way to long to stay away. Thank you for a great holiday week!
Best Regards,
Ada, Michigan




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